16th Annual Greek Cultural Program


We are pleased to announce the 16th annual Greek Cultural Program on the opening day of the Oakland Greek Festival, Friday, May 17, 2019. The program will provide students with a cultural experience and historical information about Ancient Greece.

The Program will include:

A PowerPoint Lecture in the Cathedral by Ms. Deme Yfantis, History Teacher at Los Lomas high school in Walnut Creek, and Christina Mitsiopoulos, English teacher at Will C. Wood High School in Vacaville. The lecture will begin with a history of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, ancient history and culture followed by a brief history of the Greek Language. Then, the students will become "Greek for a day!" The presenters will discuss Modern Greek culture and give the students the opportunity to learn common Greek Phrases. The Lecture will be 30 minutes with 10 – 15 minutes for questions.

The students will also complete "the classics tour," which correlates with the 6th Grade Social Studies standards. Through these interactive stations, students will find information on different aspects of life in Ancient Greece which include:

  • Important Greek Figures — Hypatia, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Thucydides
  • Democracy in Athens — Information about Athenian Democracy
  • Looking at Life in Different Areas — Life in Athens vs. Life in Sparta
  • Greek Mythology/Aesop’s Fables — Significance of Greek Mythology
  • Greece Today — Geography, Climate, Capitol, Currency, Flag and Population including Cyprus: Geography, Climate, Major Cities, Flag and Population

The students will also have some free time to enjoy "Greece by the Bay."  



The program fee is $15.00 per student. Full payment is due by May 1, 2019. Upon receipt of the reservation form (link below), confirmation will be made by e-mail. Reservations will be accepted in the order that this form is received. We look forward to hearing from you! Efharisto!

To register your school and class, please click through to the application below.

School Registration Application

NOTE: A limited number of attendees are accepted. For additional questions, please email siayfantis@gmail.com



2023 DATES:  May 19, 20 & 21

HOURS:    4pm - 10pm Friday; 11am - 10pm; Saturday 11am - 9pm Sunday 

WHERE: On the beautiful grounds of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension, 4700 Lincoln Avenue, Oakland hills, below Highway 13.

ADMISSION: Adults $5, Children 12 & under are free. 

PARKING: Free parking at the Mormon Temple, Ability Now Bay Area (formerly Cerebral Palsy Center) and Head Royce School

RIDESHARE: Taking UBER or LYFT to-and-from the festival? Our easy drop-off and pick-up location is on Lincoln Avenue by the outdoor elevator next to the garage.

FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE to-and-from the parking locations and Disabled Parking available.

PREMIUM PARKING: $20 - Parking Pavilion 

PETS: Service Dogs Only   


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Preview the 2019 Festival program and plan your visit. CLICK the FESTIVAL PROGRAM cover image above