Homemade Food, Authentic Greek Dancing & Music


Greeks dance in the best circles

It has been said that "Greeks dance in the best circles." At the Oakland Greek Festival, everyone is Greek and the circles of dancers grow wider and wider as you join someone's hand and follow along. After circling two or three times you will have mastered the steps and made some wonderful acquaintances. 

One central location to see Greek Folk Dance Performances and learn to Greek Dance

Five Ascension teams and one guest dance group will present Greek folk dance performances throughout the three-day Festival at one central locations: the Cathedral Windmill Courtyard. Their costumes are representative of different regions of Greece.

Many of our dancers started dancing at age five and have continued to dance through their college years, perpetuating the learning and teaching of their Greek heritage and culture. The oldest students now direct the youngest groups exemplifying their love of Greek dance. 

The groups practice weekly throughout the year with two main events: The annual Folk Dance & Choral Festival (FDF), where 100 dance groups (over 3,000 dancers) gather from the throughout the U.S. to compete and share their Hellenic culture and Greek Orthodox faith; the second event is Ascension's three-day festival where the following groups perform:

Ta Pitsirikia (The Little Kids) - Our youngest dance group, these Pre-K through 1st graders have not had a chance to compete but warm our hearts with their enthusiastic dancing. We invite you to cheer them on this weekend as they'll be sure to put a smile on your face.

Titanes (Titans) - Our youngest competitive dancers, 3rd through 5th grades, symbolize incredible strength and stamina. These up-and-coming dancers did a phenomenal job performing and singing at FDF this year. They placed third in their category! Come watch their powerful performances during the weekend. 

Analypsis (Ascension) - Our middle school dancers, and proudly the namesake group of our Cathedral. In 2017, they received the Costume Award for their beautiful new costumes, which where were made by seamstresses' Athena Lagios and Francesca Limnios from our church community. Be sure to catch one of their energetic performances. Opa! 

Nea Zoe (New Life) - Our high school group truly loves to dance. This year at competition they received the Special Achievement Award! These dancers never miss a beat and their kefi (spirit) is contagious. Don't miss their crowd-pleasing performances this weekend. 

Epanastasi (Earth Movers) - This young adult dance group astounded everyone at competition with their performances. This year they placed second in their highly competitive Advanced Intermediate Category. Come catch their award-winning performances at the Windmill Plaza Saturday night where they'll be showcasing dances throughout various regions of Greece.

Nea Arxi (New Start) / Enotita (Unity) - We welcome our guest dance group from Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church in Castro Valley. These dancers truly symbolize what Greek Dancing is all about and they may even ask you to join them for a Kalamatiano.